WWII – the war that had to be won

Subj: “WWII – the war that had to be won”
August 25, 2012

Dan Black

Dear Dan,

Re: Book advertisement

I have just read the Sept/Oct issue of LEGION Magazine which is beyond excellent, almost on a par with the “Dieppe” issue which was stunning, to say the least.

As a WWII Veteran, however, I was disconcerted to find such a sizeable list of recently deceased Comrades in the “Last Post”, including many Macdonalds. I suppose the number shouldn’t be surprising since the youngest Veteran would now be at least 85, I should think.

I have ordered the book on WWII advertised inside the back cover. I am sure it is a faithful account but I find it difficult to accept the text of the ad where it describes WWII as “a victory in every sense”. It was indeed a military victory, but it strains the imagination to think of any other aspect that was not a catastrophe for Western Christian Civilization . It served to prolong the cruel Stalin dictatorship and extend it’s terror over all of Eastern Europe; it cost tens of millions of precious otherwise productive lives (including six million of our would-be German allies against the threat from the East); it destroyed forever Britain and France as World Powers; brought chaos to the Third World and communism to China and elsewhere. It brought on the use of atomic weapons and created a problem in the Middle East of potentially apocalyptic proportions.

It led inevitably to the Cold War, subversion of Western “democratic” governments and values, spawned “terrorism” (setting the stage for destabilizing mass migrations) and facilitated the loss of constitutionally-guaranteed Human Rights in order to protect a hostile, alien, parasitic, disloyal minority engaged in our dispossession and denationalization. Hardly a victory in any sense except Pyrrhic!

The excruciatingly tragic irony is that virtually all the the problems that now doom us to perpetual strife and bloodshed would not have arisen if venal British and French politicians, placing the interests of their vengeful, anti-German paymasters above those of their respective nations, instead of declaring war, had joined with Germany in a NATO-like alliance against our real enemy, the Soviet Union, as they did in any case shortly after the “Unnecessary War”. By 1939 Stalin’s Kommissars had already murdered at least 20 million Christians, so there was a strong case.

Let us hope that we have learned a lesson not to accept blindly the attempts by compromised, self-serving politicians to commit Canadian Servicemen to dubious foreign causes that are contrary to Canada’s best interests and damage severely our international image, earnings and self-respect. The Legion should take a prominent public stand when such occasions arise, such as the plunder of Libya, a friendly, well-governed country we disgracefully helped to destroy.

As ever,

Ian V. Macdonald
Member, Dominion Command
455 Wibrod Street
Ottawa ON K1N 6M7
613 241 5389

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