Soouth African passbooks indispensable to Blacks

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Paul – I hope you will publish the letter in timely fashion. It would be unfair to your readers if Matthew Fisher’s warped opinions, and malicious misinterpretation of the purpose of the passbooks, were left unchallenged. Ian

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June 15, 2013


Dear Sir,

South African Passbooks benefited Blacks

Matthew Fisher, like so many anti-Apartheid journalists willfully blind to reality when trying to please leftist editors and equally woolly-minded readers, decries the “draconian horror” of the pass laws in former White-ruled South Africa.

In fact, the passbooks, by identifying the bearer and providing proof of citizenship and employment, past and present, were vital to stability and job-seeking among the multi-tribal, multilingual, semi-literate Black population. They served also to control the influx from impoverished Black-ruled neighbouring countries which otherwise would have flooded the labour market with millions of illegal squatters (as is now happening) and lowered the living standard of South African Blacks which, thanks to White enterprise, investment, security and orderly administration, was, and happily still is, by far the highest in the region.

Large numbers of temporary foreign African workers however were employed legally by the Chamber of Mines under the old regime. In most cases, after a year’s employment, they returned to their own countries, healthy and robust from good medical care and 4000 calories per day – having earned enough to buy in their homeland sufficient cattle and wives to last a lifetime. The African miners were allowed to keep their helmets which were a major status symbol back in the bush.

Forcing the benevolent White regime, on misguided emotional or domestic politiical grounds, to transfer power prematurely because it acknowledged what was essentially an unavoidable cultural-racial tradition, constituted presumptuous interference in the affairs of a sovereign nation that was illogical, reckless. grossly counterproductive and unfair.

It is a disgrace to Canada and a betrayal of our kinfolk in South Africa that the shameless Brian Mulroney led the howling pack. It placed in jeopardy the survival of what was a virtual Paradise on Earth – egged on by people like Matthew Fisher who place dogma-driven ignorance, prejudice, and perhaps racial hatred, ahead of logic, feasibility and truth.

Having lived in that beautiful, harmonious country for 3 years during the “Apartheid” era, I know of what I speak and, like all other unbiased observers, will never be taken in by racist agitators who would destroy the progress of the most successful country in Africa – simply because it was a White achievement.

As ever,

Ian V. Macdonald
455 Wilbrod Street
Ottawa ON K1N 6M7
613 241 5389

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