Re-invesnting and reinforcing the Legion

July 15, 2012

Brad White
Dominion Secretary
Royal Canadian Legion
Kanata ON K2L 0A1

Dear Comrade White,

Re: Protecting Canada’s Sovereignty – Legion Role & Responsibility

I am looking forward to your response to my email letter of July 2 and attachments pointing to the urgent need for Legion intervention in the Canadian political process which, unfortunately, has ceased to serve the best interests of the traditional majority, indeed seriously betrays them.

The use of immigration policy to destabilize the country through creation of burgeoning black welfare ghettoes in major cities has been studied in depth by various concerned citizens groups. They in turn have petitioned the Government to investigate the prohibitively-costly scandal and the widespread corruption it has spawned, but without perceptible impact. It is clear that the destructive process is powered by a super lobby with collaborators in High Places, including the Security Services, and that the Legion, in the absence of any other effective, uncompromised counter-force, must now rise to the occasion if the country is to survive as a coherent, democratic nation.

Harbingers of the totalitarianism now taking root are the numerous official and media measures to limit freedom of expression in Canada which now rival those of the old Soviet Union and Nazi-Germany where the measures, however, were introduced to protect the State, in contrast to Canada where they are used almost exclusively to protect subversive internal enemies who would destroy us. A few days ago an aroused citizen was sentenced to18 months’ jail for merely writing letters to a privileged minority lobby group who found them “offensive”. Another is on trial for questioning an alleged event of WWII, although totally irrelevant to any valid Canadian interest!

It is important also that the Legion should have its say in foreign policy decisions, especially those requiring or implying military cooperation, and should not hesitate to express its concern where ominous conflicts of interest arise in appointments to key positions in the Departments responsible for our foreign relations.

Once the Legion announced that Veterans had had enough government by traitors (we needn’t put it quite that strongly, however true) other groups could be brought on side to form a coalition of the righteous with a following and resources large enough to elect the government of their choosing. I would be glad to help with policy planning and sound out some suitable prospective partners on your behalf if you agree that the time is ripe for the Legion to show its colours.

Comradely yours,

Ian V. Macdonald

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