Proposed visit to Libya


Hon, John Baird M.P.
Foreign Affairs and International Trade

Dear Sir,

Re: Impending Ministerial visit to Libya

I have just read in the National Post of June 19, 2011, that you plan to visit Libya in the coming days. According to the news item, which I would hope is incomplete, you intend to confine your contacts there to the rebel camp in Benghazi and ignore the legitimate government of the country in Tripoli, now under siege by a coalition of neo-imperialist forces blatantly violating the country’s sovereignty and plotting to gain control of Libya’s valuable natural resources.

As a Veteran and former Canadian diplomat enjoying long-standing connections with the Revolutionary Government of Col. Ghadafi and extensive experience in the Arab World, I recommend to you in the strongest terms that you include a meeting with the traditional leader of the country who is quite the opposite of the criminal personality portrayed by the Zionist media and mendacious, lobby-driven politicians.

It is well documented that Col. Ghadafi has done relatively far more for the citizens of his country in the past 40 years than has any other Third World leader . We should commend him for his accomplishments and take his side against rebellious ingrates and their self-serving, unscrupulous foreign allies, just as we would expect of our friends should Canada find itself similarly threatened.

The “fact-finding” goal of your visit to Libya will not be well served unless you are able to achieve a balanced perspective.. Such a balanced perspective requires that you examine both sides and weigh the implications of military intervention in the country’s internal affairs from a Canadian point of view, rather than relying on the propaganda of Col. Ghadafi’s rivals and their no less dubious coalition champions.

Yours faithfully,

Ian V. Macdonald

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