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There is only one lobby in Canada (and the U.S.) powerful and wealthy enough to cause politicians to act significantly against both their own and their country’s best interests. Its aim is to divide and conquer, eliminating nationalist resistance through racial/cultural fragmentation, using hate laws and censorship to stifle dissent. It is an intolerable situation for patriots, but what is to be done? I.V.

Ian Verner Macdonald
455 Wilbrod Street
Ottawa ON Canada K1N 6M7
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August 7, 2011


The Right Honourable Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada, Ottawa

Dear Sir,

Immigration and Foreign Policy

As with most other native-born Canadians, I have watched with increasing consternation and perplexity the fruits of Pierre Trudeau’s perverse quest for “racial balance” in Canada, a goal which he, and his even more sinister advisors, sought to achieve through effective abolition of entry requirements for Third World migrants while choking off the traditional flow of British and European immigrants.

The resulting radical change in the complexion and character of the Canadian nation did not have the consent of the electorate nor is there any reason to believe, had it been put to the country in a referendum, that it would have had any support whatsoever among the pre-existing population. Insofar as the policy was implemented surreptitiously against the will and best interests of the country, it was, and is, fraudulent and should be judged accordingly. It was introduced despite the ample evidence, readily available from the experience in the United States and other countries, that blacks (negroes) are inherently unassimilable and a source of insoluble social problems both institutional and private.

The fact that deeply-entrenched, lobby-driven Political Correctness has forestalled open discussion of the problem does not lessen its severity; on the contrary the suppression of opinion, in which the government and media are complicit, simply facilitates the growing flood of self-selected Third World immigrants that threatens not only the disenfranchisement of the native-born but the very existence of Canada as a sovereign nation.

A prescient letter in the Toronto Star warned as far back as January 5, 1989 that “the high Canadian living standard and elegant lifestyle are being used to attract residents of the Third World despite the very real risk of an overwhelming response”.and although “policy based on minority politics in the short term may be politically astute and spiritually satisfying, in the long run it will result inevitably in a metamorphosis of the country from a relatively comfortable, homogeneous Christian-European union to a turbulent, low-wage, multi-racial, multicultural polyglot, essentially without national character, without cohesion, without identity, without historical integrity and without common purpose”. To which might be added, ïn the light of subsequent developments, “without security, without freedom of opinion and without responsible government”.

Traditional Conservatives assumed that the self-serving, destructive, inequitable and blatantly racist policy of the Liberal Government would be quickly reversed once a Conservative party gained power but, inexplicably, such was not the case and the assimilation problem has now reached crisis proportions. It is worth noting that the money paid to support even one self-styled “refugee” or purported “family member” in Canada could otherwise support a hundred indigents in or near their country of origin.

Similarly, Canadian foreign policy under successive governments has not served Canadian interests, on the contrary has damaged our image beyond repair through its Lobby-enforced endorsement of American and Israeli positions on the Middle East. It has caused us to forego hundreds of billions of dollars in earnings from formerly friendly oil-producing nations who once saw non-colonialist Canada as their trading partner of choice. That Canada should gratuitously join the illegal attack on the friendly, benevolently-governed, legitimate State of Libya defies comprehension.

Time is running out, Mr Prime Minister, and unless decisive and fearless measures are taken 1) to restore the immigration criteria that served the country well for over a century 2) to repatriate all who have entered the country under false pretenses or have otherwise abused our hospitality and 3) to restore control of Canadian foreign policy to uncompromised Canadian hands, the destabilization, and eventual disintegration of Canada will be a foregone conclusion.

It would be ironic indeed, if Canadians should lose hope that the Conservative Party has the will to effect the necessary reforms and be forced to turn to the originators of the problems for relief. With due respect, I remain,

Yours sincerely,

Ian V. Macdonald

Ex-RCAF, RNFAA, rtd. Cdn. Foreign Service

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