To Minister of National Defence, Paul Dewar MP and DFAIT

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February 21, 2013

Hi Scott

Here is a sample of my effort in 2011 to find out why the Government saw fit to join the attack on Libya. Had the Legion protested at the time, perhaps there would have been a different outcome. Individuals have little clout. I spoke with someone recently from Foreign Affairs who said the Minister completely ignores advice from the Department that conflicts with his political agenda. The Minister (Baird) has little or no knowledge of international affairs, nor does his Deputy (Rosenberg) who advises him. My letter to Peter MacKay is a bit satirical.



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June 19, 2011

For Paul Dewar M.P.

Dear Paul,

Re: Libyan Misadventure

I am trying to find out from DFAIT the identity of those responsible for misinforming and persuading the Minister to go to war against Libya, a friendly sovereign nation that deserved our sympathy and assistance in her hour of need, not a murderous assault.

Joining the attack serves no legitimate Canadian interest, in fact does irreparable damage to Canada’s commercial prospects and political influence (and deprives us of whatever remains of our credibility as an honest broker and peacekeeper). Its advocacy clearly constitutes an act of treason.. The hidden origin of the impetus for war demands investigation. Those responsible should suffer the appropriately severe consequences.

The decision to attack Libya obviously was fostered by predatory powers seeking absolute control of Libyan oil and water resources through naked aggression and theft. It is intolerable that Canada, a vulnerable resource-rich nation itself, should condone this breach of civilized international conduct, let alone participate in it.

The Opposition should insist that Parliament debate this very important issue and urgently investigate the decision-making process, especially where the Government may have come under the influence of a self-serving foreign lobby with collaborators in advisory positions.

I hope the NDP and other opposition parties will see fit to rise to the occasion on the Libyan attack. It will otherwise set a precedent that could undermine world peace for decades to come.

As ever,

Ian Macdonald

June 15, 2011

Hon. Peter MacKay
Minister of National Defence
Department of National Defence
Ottawa ON K1A 0K2

Dear Sir,

Re: Additional smart bombs for Canadian Forces

According to a report in the National Post June 14, 2011, the Defence Department is contemplating the purchase of 1000 or more smart bombs to “carry out missions against Libya”.

According to my knowledge of the efficacy of this type of bomb, gained during several visits to Baghdad following the Gulf War, 1000 bombs would constitute gross overkill if used against the much smaller populaton of Libya. Therefore the purchase of such a quantity would be both redundant and a pointless extravagance.

The Iraq experience, which is well documented, is a useful guide, and the use of a smart bomb against a very highly protected target such as the Al-Ahmariya civilian air-raid shelter in Baghdad testifies to the efficacy of the weapon. In this case, the state-of-the-art shelter, designed and built by a Finnish contractor to withstand the most powerful conventional bombs, was penetrated to the upper level by an American smart bomb which burned a 10′ hole in the heavy reinforced concrete surface cover, through which a guided conventional bomb was then dropped, ensuring that no occupant would remain alive. Although the lower level was not damaged, the hundreds of women and children there were trapped and slowly boiled alive as the water from the super-heated upper level (from the broken sprinkler feed) drained down to the floor below. The boiling water level rose to about 4 feet where it left a “bathtub ring” of the detritus of the (mostly-children’s) bodies on the epoxy-coated walls.

This single target accounted for some 800 dead, which probably would not be achievable in Libya, nevertheless even if the number of kills per smart-bomb averaged only 200, the total yield for the 1000 or more precision bombs would be 200,000, far more than enough to force the capitulation of the Ghadafi government, especially when combined with the obliteration of the country’s infrastructure, now well under way with the use of conventional munitions.

I am not unaware, of course, of the larger issues, and must say, as someone who has had close connections with Libya since the Revolution, that prostituting Canada’s hard-earned international image by joining the attack on this friendly, defenceless nation on behalf of an avaricious, cruel, neo-imperialist bankster cabal, if not treason, is a shameful betrayal of all Canadians who have fought and died in the cause of freedom and justice.

Hoping the above information will be of value, I remain,

Yours faithfully,

Ian V. Macdonald

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