Letter to a Well-wisher

Dear Friend

Re: Victimization, conspiracy and subversion – condoned

There have been several developments in recent months of which you should be informed since they have bearing on my financial condition and status of the Second Mortgage securing legal fees. The most pressing is the outcome of a five year audit of my income tax returns by the CRA which resulted in a demand for payment of $100,000.00, based on their ruling that my sizable legal expenses in responding to the Power of Sale action were not an eligible deduction from taxable income (a hazard of which I was not aware).

The second development was the unexpected dismissal of my defamation claim against the CBC and Warren Kinsella which left me with costs of over $200,000. I am appealing the decision to the Ontario Court of Appeal but see little or no possibility of success since I am known in Jewish circles as a notorious “anti-Semite” and the Appeal Court, I understand, is “controlled by the Jews”. This phenomenon, if true, could explain the dismissal of my appeal to Judge Rosenberg against Judge Manton’s suspiciously sophistic, disingenuous:”Reasons for Judgment” in the Royal Trust case.

The third, related, development is far more significant since it introduces a crucial new perspective on the events leading to the Royal Trust trial and dictates a different outcome. It is the realization, from disclosures at the defamation trial and other sources, that there was indeed a criminal conspiracy by a pervasive and powerful foreign-affiliated lobby to impoverish and discredit me, by whatever means, in order to render me ineffectual in my long-standing opposition to, and exposure of, Israeli subversion of the Federal Government and other institutions including the judiciary. Those participating, as of August, 1984, included top executives of the largest Zionist Jewish political organizations, treacherously in liaison with a foreign power as represented by the Israeli Embassy. These people have used their unlimited financial resources to “ingratiate” themselves with successive Governments to the extent that a Canadian Jewish Congress official was able to boast that no demand they had made of the Government had been refused!

Should this corrupt reality be found by a criminal court to have bearing on my case, the civil court findings, and decisions based thereon, presumably would not survive, The exposure of my well-organized victimization in turn would raise an issue of both national and international importance, that far transcends my particular problem, namely the dangerous and unacceptable hegemony of Organized Zionist Jewry over Canadian society, most notably over the judiciary, media and political process which has already cost the nation dearly, both socially and economically, and destroyed its hard-earned, valuable reputation as an honest broker in international affairs.

Although it was clear from Royal Trust v. Ian V. Macdonald that the Royal Trust cabal behind the Power of Sale acted in an inordinately malicious and destructive manner when they contrived to seize my properties, neither the incriminating motivation for so doing, nor the fact that I had been a “marked man” since I refused, as a loyal Canadian official, to submit to the Zionist Lobby, were brought out at the trial. The first concrete evidence of malice, however, had already emerged some months before the power of sale action when the Royal Trust intervened to cross-collateralize my 7 mortgages, sharply increase principal repayments and to cancel a registered Second Mortgage from Scotiabank that I had placed on 196 O’Connor of $350,000.00 – double the proceeds from the sale of the property for $170,000.00! These funds would have been more than ample to satisfy the contrived arrears of $39,000.00 on the mortgage payments, as the cabal well knew.

Further evidence of bad faith and flouting of the Mortgage Act was the cabal’s violation of well-established industry standards and company policy (and the best interests of their shareholders) by refusing to convene a “work-out committee” to solve the easily-resolved alleged problem and, prior to the execution, by refusing to accept payment of more than double the alleged arrears. In addition to the $98,000.00 cash payment offered, sale at market of any one of the 8 cross-collateralized properties seized, or other Macdonald properties, would have produced funds far in excess of the $39,000 original claim. The seized properties, in which my equity comfortably exceeded $2 million, however were sold at a catastrophic loss to both the Royal Trust and their client, suggesting collusion and malice on the part of company officials senior enough to override the Mortgagee’s legal and moral obligation to mitigate Mortgagor’s loss. With incredible chutzpah, the Royal Trust cabal then sued me for $1.1 million to compensate for their loss!

That the unnecessary sale of the properties (pictured in the attachment) was fraudulent is easily seen from the record. To summarize: the cross-collateralized security for the mortgages consisted of 8 valuable, large, restored Heritage buildings in the downtown core, some of which had served as embassies including the prestigious (1) 275 Maclaren Street, a beautiful heritage mansion on a very large lot, which at the time of seizure contained 22 deluxe, state-of-the-art professional offices occupied by architects, lawyers, psychiatrists, consultants, etc as tenants at an average rent of $900.00 per month. . I was offered in1984 over $2 million for this building, formerly the HQ of Heritage Canada which I planned to use as a Canada-Middle East Business Centre. It was “sold” for $569,000.00, less than the cost of the renovation alone. Another was the Lucerne Apartments at (2) 207 Charlotte St., an elegant well-restored building of 12 large 2 & 3 bedroom apartments with indoor parking, oak floors and marble stairways and an intrinsic value of $3 million or more as condos. It was sold for under $700,000. The property (3) 457 & 459 Laurier Avenue East facing Strathcona Park (Olde Bytown B & B) and adjacent to the Cordon Bleu, probably the best remaining embassy location in Ottawa, would have commanded a very high premium price. Instead, the Royal Trust cabal severed the houses, thus minimizing the value, and secretly sold 457 (10 bedrooms) for $281,000.00 and 459 (8 bedrooms) for $292,000.00, renovated and fully-furnished as a luxury Bed & Breakfast. It was resold a few years later for over $800.000 I am told (it was sufficiently imposing to be chosen recently by the very wealthy President of the French Remi-Martin-Cointreau-Cordon Bleu enterprise as his Canada residence). The large heritage house at (4) 200/2 O’Connor was on a full corner lot and distinguished as the oldest dental practice in Ottawa. Its restoration required costly structural improvements. It contained over 5000 sq. feet of office space renting for $84,000.00 but was sold fraudulently to Paul Faynwachs, without bidding, for $290,000.00 – little more than 3x gross income and less than half the high-rise-zoned land value alone. Similarly, (5) 196 O’Connor, a very attractive 8 bedroom heritage house, was sold to Gary Ariel for $170,000, again far less than land value.

Even more scandalous was the sale of (6) 225 & 227 Daly, two beautiful 7-bedroom, semi-detached Victorian houses on a full lot with revenue of $72,000.00 and net income of $58,000.00, for $210,000.00. The large and elegant Edwardian house at (7) 377 Stewart located on an 88×99 ft, lot, for many years the Embassy of Iraq, for which I had an offer to purchase (ironically from a Royal Trust executive) of $750,000.00 in the 1970′s, was sold for $400,000.00, a fraction of its value. It is beyond bizarre that this portfolio of properties worth at least $5 million according to the Royal Trust’s own ultra-conservative loan appraisals, was sold at a $3 million loss to satisfy alleged arrears of $39,000.00. It is even more startling that a supposedly unbiased, uncompromised judge would see nothing amiss in such a swindle and would fail to note that “something is rotten in the State of Denmark”.

Through similar intrigues my buildings at (8) 226 and (9) 230 Nepean Street (the former being the fashionable Ritz Restaurant and the latter a 20 room young ladies’ downtown residence) were sold fraudulently for $280,000.00 and $185,000.00 respectively while higher offers were refused. My large commercial property at (10) 574 Edwards in Rockland ON was sold for $70,000. There is no way an honest observer could adjudge these secret, grossly improvident transactions to be bona fide sales. The current market value of the seized properties would be no less than $18 million, with gross income of well over $100,000 per month.

There was a significant incident on the day the properties were seized that throws light on the duplicity and bad faith behind the Power of Sale action: On the day of seizure, a delegation arrived, by appointment, from an embassy interested to buy or rent 275 Maclaren. Michael O’Rourke, property manager for the Royal Trust in Ottawa, who was with me in the boardroom (1) with the Royal Trust lawyer (Naccarato), bellowed “I’m in charge now!”,and rushed to the entrance. I learned later from the accompanying real estate agent (Ahluwalia of Royal LePage) that he rudely told the diplomats that the building was not available, thus forestalling its sale to a bona fide buyer likely to pay top price – which certainly would have been no less than $3 million, with over $2 million net to the owner. It is logical to assume he was acting under instructions.

The properties were purchased for their historic value and architectural merit. I had used my substantial entire life’s savings to acquire them, beginning in 1967, and spent many thousands of hours on their restoration and management. I saw them also as excellent investments and reinvested all net revenue and proceeds from refinancing. The loss of my prized possessions at the hands of malicious, avaricious, vengeful shysters (not too strong a description) brought to a traumatic end an otherwise productive career and prospect of a comfortable, if not affluent, retirement. As obviously intended, the multiple dispossessions and bogus sale prices (followed by an outrageous claim of $1.1 million for loss on the “sales”) left me heavily in debt, bereft of net income, discredited and in a corrosively humiliating struggle for financial survival, doomed by the venality of a justice system that denied authentic recourse.

When I brought the fraud to the notice of the Ottawa Police Services, I was told that a Crown Attorney’s permission was required before they could proceed with an investigation. The Crown Attorneys’ Office, however, summarily dismissed my request without examining the evidence. I intend to seek a private criminal prosecution since this option is still available, I believe.

The devastating loss was compounded when other lenders reacted to the Power of Sale action by cancelling or denying credit, including Scotiabank Private Banking who asked that I repay my operating line of credit. I could do so quickly only by selling (11) 371 Lisgar Street, a downtown property zoned for High Rise and of substantial potential value. With my credit ruined and my cash-flow from the seized properties gone, I could not refinance even the very modest first mortgage on (12) 200 acres of prime land on Boundary Road, Ottawa which I had held for many years, and lost the property, with my almost $400,000.00 cash investment, to a foreclosure. It was sold thereafter for $500,000.00. These subsequent losses can be attributed also to the conspiracy since they would not have taken place but for the action of the Royal Trust cabal.

There were other interventions that I now see as highly suspect. One was the seizure and sale of my share portfolio (lodged at the Bank of Credit and Commerce as credit-line collateral) by the infamous Arthur Anderson accountants who were appointed by the Government to “liquidate” the Bank in 1990, not long after I had paid $450,000.00 to reduce the balance of my line of credit there to a nominal amount My lawyer unaccountably accepted a niggardly $58.000.00 as restitution although the shares were worth probably 10 times more, with the unregulated accountants presumably pocketing the balance. The Superintendent of Financial Institutions declined my request to intervene or investigate. (Arthur Anderson would have had access to bank documents which included a confidential letter from a Jewish official in the Bank’s Toronto Head office (Schoer) to the Ottawa Manager warning that keeping Ian V. Macdonald as a client could damage the Branch’s reputation!).

In 1993, yet another intervention took place, with strong conspiratorial implications, when my valuable 20 year, fixed $5000.00 per month iron-clad lease on (13) 77 Clarence Street, with 10 years to run (on which I had spent $650,000.00 on improvements and had sub-let at $8000.00 per month plus % of gross) was broken illegally by new Jewish owners of the building who simultaneously evicted my tenant, the popular Moroccan Village restaurant. The new owners then re-rented the property at $15,000.00 per month. (My lawyer at the time, who, unknown to me, was a highly-conflicted co-religionist and acquaintance of the new owners, persuaded me not to contest the illegal breaking of the lease and seizure of my chattels, since the principal culprit, Jules Sigler, “came from a family of lawyers who could litigate for years at no cost” whereas it would cost me upwards of “$300,000.00″). He said my best course was to simply “walk away from it”.

Among these other suspicious occurrences was the burning to the ground of two of my houses and severe damage to a third, all through arson. My directorship and equity interest in a very promising hi-tech dental plastics manufacturing company which I founded were lost through the machinations of a local ardent-Zionist lawyer. Swastikas were painted on the front walk of my house and interior of my downtown gallery during one of many burglaries. When a literary agent took the manuscript of my partially-completed book on subversion to two mainline publishers in Toronto, both agreed it would be a “blockbuster” best-seller – but not for them! Carleton and Ottawa Universities denied me access to their student employment services without plausible explanation. Derogatory articles and letters to the editor were written about me. Julian Sher, now Jewish President of the Canadian Journalists Association, described me in print as a supporter of the Ku Klux Klan, a lie promoted also by Warren Kinsella among others that I refuted prior to his TV appearance. My telephone has been tapped, my home searched by police without a warrant and my offices, government and private, ransacked.

I narrowly evaded assassination when I led the Canadian Delegation at the Libyan Peace Conference in 1987 (Chris Halens of Southams was killed in my stead). When the CBC “Fifth Estate” interviewed me for their production of “Death in Tripoli”, the Zionist director perniciously urged that a Nazi flag be used as a backdrop! The lengthy interview, in which I submitted that the murder was carried out by Mossad for the purpose of discrediting the conference, aided and abetted by Zionists in the delegations, was censored to meaninglessness. The semi-official Middle East Discussion Group of which I was one of the more knowledgeable members, declared me persona non grata when I challenged its pro-Israel bias. “In Memoriam” ads I attempt to place in newspapers for the Keeper of the Garden Tomb, Jerusalem, executed in 1967 by Israeli soldiers, are refused.

When I alerted the Auditor General to the horrendous cost of subversion to the economy and social fabric of the country, she replied that her mandate did not include examination of the subversion since it was government policy! When I described the problem in detail to CSIS and SIRC, both denied the existence of subversion, saying their mandate was to fight “terrorism”. RCMP Security informed me that they were “not interested”!

Almost unbelievably, the vindictive harassment was carried to such petty extremes as the removal almost daily of “for rent” signs I posted at the local supermarket. On one occasion, according to a reliable witness, two “well-dressed” gentlemen standing at the message board advised an onlooker not to rent at my address since it was “a terrible place, owned by a neo-Nazi”. A similar smear and sabotage campaign was directed towards my restaurant, forcing me to sublet. The conspirators left no stone unturned.

My membership in the Reform Party was abruptly cancelled without explanation after I had prepared for the Executive a number of insightful papers on foreign policy and immigration, and after I had been asked by the Chairman of the local riding association if I would agree to run as a Reform candidate in the then forthcoming election. My proposals for a winning Party platform were rejected in favour of advice from Liberal (Zionist) infiltrators, which I presciently decried in a letter to the Leader April 1, 1998, entitled “Snatching Defeat from the Jaws of Victory”. (A decade later Preston Manning told me, in a lengthy chat at the Hard Rock Cafe on the eve of his retirement, that he sorely regretted allowing himself to be swayed by his “advisors” and wished he had relied on his own judgement).

More recently, when I attempted to distribute my beautifully-illustrated, unique album “OTTAWA – the Golden Years” (highly praised by all who have seen it, including the Queen, and surely by far the most attractive book ever on Old Ottawa) I found that Government-controlled outlets, when they could be persuaded to stock it, gave it virtually no exposure to the public. The Trade Commissioner Service, my former employer, who were initially enthusiastic to place the elegant book, by one of their own, in the reception at all Canadian overseas missions, later reneged and even insisted on returning the sample copies. The Manager at Jewish-owned Chapters Rideau Street refused to look at it. Only one (small) media outlet in Ottawa could be persuaded to review it. A promised book-launch at City Hall was canceled.

I have been audited twice by the CRA, the first audit resulting in a garnishee of my rental income which was the trigger for the Power of Sale action leading to my financial ruin. Months later, after I had protested vigorously to the Minister and when it was clear that the properties were irretrievably lost, the CRA called to say that they had “made a mistake” and that I owed them nothing! A perspicacious German lady who joined the CRA about that time commented that the agency was “swarming with them”. That Jewish influence pervades the highest reaches of the CRA can be adduced readily from its “Special Treatment” of Jewish taxpayers, exemplified by the secret cancellation of a $900 million capital gains charge against the President of the World Jewish Congress, Edgar Bronfman, a $500 million write-off for the Reichmann family and reluctance to investigate and prosecute Rabbis for money-laundering, tax and customs refund scams, smuggling, etc. When I asked the Chief of Audit why I had been targeted, he replied that he didn’t know. He said he was responding to “instructions from higher up” – exactly the phrase used by the insurance company officer when asked a few years earlier why my property insurance coverage had been arbitrarily canceled without explanation, thus jeopardizing my mortgage agreements.

In addition to the arson, my properties suffered from constant B & E’s and thefts, which included 2 valuable antique fireplace mantles. The thieves were caught by police red-handed carrying a 3rd fireplace mantle from 457 Laurier E. Although they were low-life non-entities with long criminal records, they were offered the services of an expensive, upscale Jewish attorney (Edelson), who had no difficulty to persuade the admiring Judge to dismiss the case (on the ludicrously specious grounds that it was a matter for a civil court since the burglars, according to their lawyer, “once they had stored the mantle safely, intended to look for the owner and make him an offer for it”. Right!)

Another questionable intervention, disguised as a By-Law infraction issue, concerned the rebuilding of a partially-collapsed former garage at the rear of my Victorian house. At the urging of the City’s Heritage Office, I restored this eyesore precisely to its original state – and was fined $6500.00 for not having a permit, even though it was “grandfathered” and the masonry walls and concrete floor had remained intact. I applied for a permit as soon as I was informed of the requirement, but it was refused on the implausible grounds that one wall, which had stood unchallenged for 100 years, purportedly encroached a few inches on the adjacent lot.

While no single one of the harmful measures taken against me may prove conspiracy beyond reasonable doubt, when combined they unequivocally do so. The documents filed and testimony at the defamation trial, the “smoking gun”, show that not only the Jewish Royal Trust cabal but also the Canadian Jewish Congress, the ADL and the Israeli Embassy were involved in a scheme to destroy Macdonald, whom they already had conspired successfully to have dismissed illegally, twice, from senior positions in the Federal Government, for no other reason than his refusal to betray his country to the perceived benefit of the State of Israel. I have been told that even the Simon Wiesenthal Center has a “thick file” on Ian Verner Macdonald. The motivation and resources thus were available to strike whenever an occasion arose, such as my substantial indebtedness to the Royal Trust – assuming that somehow a default could be contrived.

In due course, I engaged Mr.O’Grady to defend me at trial, only to have his “expert witness” and “old friend” Ron Juteau (whom he selected in preference to my choice of the trustworthy Peter Boddy) give false testimony that the Judge was then able to cite in finding against me. Strangely, but significantly, I was not informed by my counsel as to how his “expert” would testify and naturally assumed he would use the well-researched evidence of values (which I had compiled) of comparable properties sold, as gleaned from the contemporary MLS Sales Book . When during the trial I was suddenly “blindsided” by Juteau’s dismissal of my valid evidence in favour of the Royal Trust’s conspicuously false appraisals, I immediately asked Mr O’Grady to take him off the witness stand and have him declared a Hostile Witness. His response was “Go back and sit down”. (I asked myself at the time in disbelief: “Is this what I’m paying him for?”) I could only surmise that Juteau, as a commercial appraiser, may have wished to ingratiate himself in anticipation of recruiting, or retaining, the Royal Trust/Royal Bank as a lucrative client. I now suspect a much more sinister explanation).

When I suggested to Mr O’Grady that we make a motion to have Ontario Appeals Court Judge Rosenberg recuse himself because of unambiguous and compelling apprehension of bias (he was a Jew scheduled to sit in judgement of a purportedly dangerous enemy of his Community, worthy of assassination) Mr. O’Grady shrugged off the idea, saying “you can’t accuse a Jewish judge of bias”. When pressed, he refused to elaborate. (I have since learned that the Lobby would crucify any lawyer courageous or foolhardy enough to do so).

It is important to note that James O’Grady was far from guileless – he was a sophisticated observer and experienced litigator of some renown. Inevitably, he would have seen clearly the creeping Judaizaton of the Canadian legal establishment and its ominous implications for his client’s prospects at trial. As such, he was duty-bound to have exposed the powerful animus and to have responded forcefully to perceived malice and bias, without fear or favour, whether or not he recognized the trial as a charade and the judgment a foregone conclusion. He was duty-bound also to have challenged the bona fides and ulterior motives of all concerned in the Power of Sale action, including those of my former lawyer who withdrew his services shortly before the illegal execution of the Power of Sale (without a writ of possession) and played a key role in facilitating the fraudulent seizure of my properties. Judge Manton stated during the trial that “if Mr. Macdonald had had a lawyer at the time, he never would have lost his properties”, a fact that would have been known to the conspirators. It is noteworthy that the lawyer who withdrew his services, as a Jew, faced an outrageous conflict of interest. He boasted to another lawyer several years later how he had successfully concealed his ethnicity over several years from his “anti-Semitic” client.

I don’t wish to imply that my trusted Counsel Jim O’Grady QC r.i.p. was complicit, but the incontrovertible fact remains that he put the Judas Juteau on the stand and allowed him to proceed, in the full knowledge that his false testimony would utterly destroy my case for restitution. Juteau then, with stunning chutzpah, billed over $40,000.00 for his “services”, part of which I discovered had already been paid from my retainer, contrary to my explicit instructions (“Under no circumstances should his account be paid” – letter to O’Grady 22/10/2003)

In due course, when an application was being prepared to appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada, I discovered that Mr O’Grady had “neglected” in the Ontario Appeal Court to respond to the Royal Trust Response, and wrote to him April 28, 2006, that “I am surprised and puzzled that you did not take advantage of the opportunity to have the last word on the merits of the Application and even more importantly to exploit the many questionable statements and anomalies contained in the Royal Trust Response”.

No less puzzling was my trusted Counsel’s failure to exploit the clear evidence of criminality on the part of the Royal Trust cabal, their dishonest, embezzling Ottawa agents (Westboro Group) and their venal in-house “appraiser”. The case, on its face, was virtually impossible to lose, thus assuring Mr O’Grady of his costs. Nevertheless, he insisted on my giving him a $200,000 mortgage on my house, failing which he said he would have “no alternative but to resign”, despite the imminence of the trial date. Since there was no possibility of a replacement, and having paid Mr O’Grady already more than $100,000.00, I had no choice but to agree. Perhaps he knew the “deck was stacked”, or had a personal reason for requiring the mortgage as a bankable asset, to alleviate his own financial problems.

At around the same time – not necessarily by coincidence – I received a similar ultimatum from my counsel in the CBC libel trial (Chi-kun Shi). She was far more than fully paid, but insisted on an additional $42,000.00, failing which she too would withdraw. Having already advanced $53,000.00 and reminding her of her written agreement to do the preparation and trial for $20,000.00 (and assuming we would get costs) I declined. She then resigned and refused to refund even a penny of the overpaid retainer with which to hire a replacement. Since the money paid had been borrowed on the assurance it would be recouped and repaid when we won at trial, this lawyer’s betrayal further aggravated my already critical financial predicament. When I probed for an explanation she would say no more than “the relationship had broken down”.

Fortunately, in the CBC case, I was able to find another lawyer on short notice and to obtain a postponement. Unfortunately, the outcome of the defamation action was even more inexplicable than that of the properties trial – unless, of course, one is prepared to accept the existence of a powerful conspiracy, or meeting of minds, to ensure defeat for Macdonald, and his intrepid lawyer, no matter what the evidence in his favour. The hard evidence in this case, a tape of the defamatory program, was eventually obtained – despite strenuous efforts by the CBC at concealment, including a mendacious message from a CBC official, played at the trial, that “all the tapes were destroyed a few weeks after the broadcast” – and proved to be about as defamatory as it gets (falsely naming “Ian Verner Macdonald, a former Canadian diplomat”, on a nationally-broadcast popular TV program as a primary source of funding for terrorism in Canada, shortly after the Oklahoma bombing!). The Judge (Metivier), in a suspiciously-long-delayed Judgement that appeared to have been written by the Canadian Jewish Congress, found that there was nothing even remotely defamatory in the allegation and dismissed my Claim! The CBC was awarded costs which their lawyers are attempting to collect although the appeal has yet to be heard.

It is most significant, in terms of demonstrating conspiracy, that the co-defendant in the case, Warren Kinsella, who uttered the defamation on CBC TV, is intimately associated with the Liberal Party who depend heavily on the Jewish Lobby for campaign funds, and is, or was, employed by the Canadian Jewish Congress whose CEO Bernie Farber had offered to serve as chief witness for the Defence, but withdrew in favour of the even-more-notoriously-mendacious Grant Bristow who worked for the Zionist-controlled CSIS and is or was also an employee of the Canadian Jewish Congress. Mark Freiman, who examined me for Discovery, is now the President of the CJC. It is relevant that, after a prolonged series of anonymous but convincingly explicit death threats on my person, one Meyer Kalin, was arrested and found to be a former member of the Jewish Defence League, a subsidiary of the CJC.

Obviously, there was malice abounding throughout the powerful Canadian Jewish Establishment and its coterie of Gentile collaborators. Macdonald was the defenceless victim of this highly-motivated, widely-interconnected financial and political lobby that was capable of influencing judicial appointments and dominating the entire justice system. That “Only God can save him who is judged by his accusers” applies. I had earlier raised my concerns with the Canadian Judicial Council about such a possibility when a Judge Teitelbaum imposed a heavy jail sentence on a young “anti-Semite” for a minor property offence, but met only with dissembling and obfuscation.

That Ian Verner Macdonald has been under close, hostile scrutiny by Organized Jewry, “spreading the word” to those beholden to them, emerged as long ago as 1968 when I engaged a young lawyer at Gowling & Henderson, one John Richard, to represent me in a discrimination claim against the Dept. of Industry, Trade and Commerce where a Personnel Branch officer named Ratz, at a Promotions Board hearing, had accused me of “anti-Semitism”. His grounds were essentially that I had opposed and offended two senior Jewish bureaucrats by recommending (as Head of Policy Planning for Export Development) a reversal of Canada’s negative foreign policy towards Arab countries which were then on the verge of a massive increase in purchasing power and in almost all cases saw Canada as their “trading partner of choice”. Mr Richard agreed to represent me – on condition that no mention was made of Jewish influence. He said if I mentioned the word “Jew” in court he would resign immediately from the case (even though Jewish control of Canadian foreign policy towards the Middle East and the allegation of “anti-Semitism” were the crux of the matter). He said he could win easily “on a technicality”. In fact, the Judge ridiculed his argument and dismissed the case.

In 1970, while still serving as Head of Policy Planning, I was summarily dismissed for producing a new policy paper pointing out that we had been “backing the wrong house” in the Middle East and strongly recommending a radical change in Canadian foreign policy that would exploit Canada’s favourable image and yield potentially immense earnings from exports, projects and concessions. I turned to the Foreign Service union to contest the dismissal. Two Directors of the Professional Association of Foreign Service Officers (PAFSO) then approached the Deputy Minister (Warren) on my behalf. They were quickly check-mated by the DM who threatened that any attempt to rescue Macdonald would find them soon following in his footsteps. I released them from their obligation. I was denied assistance from the Canadian Human Rights Commission on the grounds that their mandate did not cover “political” discrimination (the Director General of the Trade Commissioner Service had told me explicitly that I was dismissed solely because of “pressure from the Jewish Lobby”). When I responded that I would appeal to the Public Service Commission, he implored me not to do so since it would “embarrass the Minister” and “damage the Department’s image”. When I persisted, he offered a “deal” whereby I would be reinstated in a year when “the heat from the Jewish Lobby has died down” – on condition that I not appeal nor contact any politician or the media on the subject. I reluctantly agreed, but a year later found I had been tricked.

The Public Service Commission, to whom I turned after I had obtained an alternative (junior) position and found that I was secretly barred from promotion because of “poor judgment”, appointed an Investigator (Bomberg) who found nothing actionable. When I described my predicament in a visit to the Chairman of the PSC he was antagonistic, rudely cut short the conversation and ousted me from his office. My attempts to obtain relevant files under the Freedom of Information Act from my Department, PSC, RCMP, CSIS and other agencies were met with refusals or documents that had been almost totally redacted.

Some years later, I appeared in Court in a second wrongful dismissal action arising from arbitrary dismissal from my second Government career in Overseas Project Marketing, a few months after I had successfully negotiated a major contract in Saudi Arabia “against instructions” (Although I was on certified Sick Leave at the time, I was falsely charged with having “abandoned” my position, for which the penalty was dismissal and forfeiture of all my Public Service benefits, including my fully-paid contributory pension!). The Federal Court Judge cautioned my Counsel, as he began my Examination, not to mention the possibility of a “Jewish conspiracy” if he entertained any hope of success. My lawyer, Doug Christie, complied and seemingly won, but was adjudged to have lost, with costs to the Defendant. Two Jewish lawyers from the Justice Dept. attended the “trial” as observers. When I mentioned the dubious verdict to a senior public-service-law-specialist friend, he said that “Freddie”, the Judge in question, was “an old Liberal hack, and knows how the game is played”. A very highly-respected former judge, fellow Queen’s Alumnus and neighbour, when told of the outcome of the trial, asked the name of my lawyer. When I replied he said: “There’s your answer. There is no way they would have allowed him to win the case!” Prior to my appointment of Doug Christie, I approached most of the Ottawa Gentile law firms who advertised “wrongful dismissal” competence, all of whom showed interest but declined when they found Jewish lobby involvement. In one case (Scott & Aylen) the Wrongful Dismissal specialist, at first very receptive if not enthusiastic, became hostile when he found he would have to confront the Lobby and accused me of attempting to destroy his reputation and bring the firm into disrepute!

The Professional Institute of the Public Service (PIPS), my union from whom I sought assistance at the time of the second wrongful dismissal, were unreceptive, the House Counsel (Wexler) refusing any contact with me. Both she and the union President (Donegani) were offered lucrative government appointments not long after, an impossibility had they chosen to confront the Department, and the Lobby, on my behalf. A friendly paralegal PIPS staff member (Phythian) however kindly called the Personnel Branch of the Department to enquire about my case. He said their advice was “not to touch it with a 10′ pole”!

The revelation of deep lobby involvement in the recent CBC/Kinsella litigation prompted me to reflect still further on earlier cases that seemingly I had won, although the judges ruled otherwise. For example, in a dispute with a contractor circa 1988, I proved he had fraudulently inflated his costs and claimed that his charges should be adjusted accordingly. My lawyer was unprepared for trial, so I represented myself. The newly-appointed judge, one Louise Charron, advised me on points of law as the trial progressed and was clearly sympathetic. After a two-week adjournment however, her attitude changed diametrically and she found against me (although my evidence was irrefutable and the elderly Clerk of the Court told me when the trial was over that he had heard hundreds of presentations by lawyers but that mine was the best!). I noticed the Judge in earnest conversation alone with the Defendant’s attorney near the end of the trial, a serious indiscretion, I am told. I appealed, to Judge Rosenberg, and lost.

A more forthright example of bias, malice and venality in the “System” is the reception I received from a crudely antagonistic and strikingly repugnant Jewish official of the Law Society where the Compensation Fund Referee, a former Judge named Grossberg, far from recusing himself, abused his authority with a display of bias and undisguised malfeasance including serious tampering with the record. His rejection of my valid claim of $24,000 was upheld by the no-less-conflicted Chairman of the Compensation Fund Committee, one Harvey Strosberg. The claims of two others defrauded of smaller amounts by the same lawyer were approved. Mr Grossberg revealed his Zionist partisanship and extreme personal animosity by maliciously accusing me of “dishonesty” and, even more outrageously, of “colluding” with the offending lawyer in order to “defraud the Law Society”.

Like “Freddie”, Mr O’Grady knew “how the game is played” and that the trial would be, at best, a charade and travesty of justice. He knew, better than I, or should have known, that judges are political appointees and as such would have had to ingratiate themselves with one or other political party, a most important aspect of which would have been to please (and certainly, at all costs, not offend) the lobby that provides the bulk of campaign funds through which their Party benefactors are elected. This reality surely is understood by all who aspire to and occupy the Bench, whatever their private opinions or affiliations. Since the judge Mr O’Grady faced was beholden to politicians who had twice responded to Jewish Lobby pressure in condoning my illegal dismissal from the Public Service, he should have recognized the unambiguous, inherent apprehension of bias. Although Mr O’Grady thus would have seen the impossibility of a fair trial, he declined to raise this decisive issue in the Appeal, and did not call for any of the Jewish judges (Ont. Court of Appeal and Supreme Court) to recuse themselves or declare a mistrial.

There is abundant evidence of the ability and zeal of Zionist Jews to discredit and strike down their perceived enemies, whatever their station, nationality and stature, whether they be the Czar of Russia or the President of Iraq, or national heroes (Lindbergh, Ford, Patton) or powerful politicians (Fulbright, Forrestal, Nixon, Stevenson, Carter, Findley, Percy, Clarke, McCloskey, McKinney in the U.S.) or decent, loyal Canadians (e.g. Ross, Delorme, Keegstra, Tremaine, Ahenakew, Forrest, Collins, Finta, Taylor, Christie, Oberlander, Fromm, Lemire, Love, Topham and the writer), who did no more than their patriotic duty in speaking out against a subversive, treacherous, predatory, ruthlessly acquisitive, anti-Christian lobby attempting to dispossess and disempower traditional Canadians and trash their values. When Dr Gerald Bull, internationally-renowned Canadian scientist earned their displeasure, he was callously murdered by the Mossad – significantly without a murmur of protest by the Canadian Government nor attempt by the RCMP to investigate or have Interpol do so. The current Federal Government is unabashedly subservient to the Jewish Lobby, even going so far as to flaunt the almost universally-despised Israeli flag on a Canadian postage stamp.

The Canadian anti-Zionist who suffered most cruelly from Jewish Lobby vengeance via the Justice System was the patriotic James Alexander McQuirter, a bright, young iconoclast who gained notoriety as Grand Wizard of the Canadian Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, a fanciful title he rightly assumed would gain him a public platform for his otherwise disregarded opinions. He soon became a media favourite and popular talk-show guest but his caustic observations on privileged Minorities generated a furious reaction from Jews and Blacks in Toronto who put intense pressure on the Attorney General of Ontario (McMurtry) to have him silenced. He was eventually entrapped by police after they turned down his urgent plea for protection from a psychopathic convicted murderer (they told him it was “your problem Sonny, and you’ll just have to solve it in your own way”). When charges were laid, he was persuaded by his “counsel” to plead guilty, with the promise of a “light sentence” – and treacherously sentenced to 10 years in prison. His “crime” was hypothetically and harmlessly “Counselling a Murder” in a police-staged pantomime wherein two undercover cops proposed a final solution to the “psycho problem”, to which McQuirter, who genuinely feared for his life, naively agreed. (To put his sentence in perspective; that same year a Toronto policeman was given only one year for culpably shooting his girlfriend dead “on a dare”). Shortly thereafter, the psycho committed his second, gruesome, unprovoked murder, fully justifying McQuirter’s fears. McQuirter was kept in solitary confinement for six years, denied release on parole, even to an amenable Halfway House in Ottawa on the grounds that he would “contaminate the other inmates”.

I asked his Counsellor at Kingston Penitentiary (Steinberg) why the young polemicist had been given such a heavy sentence for a fictitious entrapment crime. He replied: “Oh, they just wanted to keep him off the streets as long as possible”. Such is the power of the Lobby to subvert and exploit the Canadian “justice” system. Prior to his arrest, the Police had planned to use McQuirter, with whom I had struck up a friendship, as bait to draw both him and me into a criminal activity of some kind, for which a meeting with an undercover cop had been arranged in Ottawa (aborted however by McQuirter’s serendipitous arrest in Toronto). This plan to criminalize me presumably would have been conceived by the Jewish Lobby, in the absence of any other suspects with the prerequisite chutzpah, hate, cunning and influence.

Given this clear, consistent, extensive and prolonged pattern of malicious acts of which I have been the target, the denial of a fair trial, the compelling evidence of criminal conspiracy, judicial venality, bad faith, betrayal, malfeasance, misfeasance, character assassination, death threats, fraud, false testimony, defamation and incessant overt and covert intervention by a powerful, highly-motivated political lobby, coupled with Mr O’Grady ‘s failure to explain his belated billings (especially the nature of his many billed conversations with his duplicitous “expert witness”, and failure to complete the appeal process), I submit that the legitimacy and propriety of the Second Mortgage security placed on my home for purportedly beneficial legal services, has been fatally compromised and should be re-assessed, together with the authenticity and efficacy of the services for which substantial fees were already paid. I think an honest court would find a criminal conspiracy and gross miscarriage of justice, enabling me to continue to seek reimbursement for my contrived losses and, of course, damages.

Unfortunately, James O’Grady, QC, r.i.p., is no longer available to defend either his performance or the propriety of the mortgage agreement, but the facts speak for themselves. They show indisputably that I was misled and betrayed, that the Second Mortgage was signed under false pretences and duress, and that a fair resolution of my account with Mr O’Grady should be in my favour, as opposed to that of Mr O’Grady’s estate, much as I sympathize with Mrs O’Grady in her untimely bereavement.

A concluding thought: if exposure to the public of the brutal victimization of a Canadian WWII Veteran and loyal Public Servant of impeccable credentials and integrity by an unsavoury, malevolent, unscrupulous, subversive, Israeli-affiliated lobby can help even in a small way to restore the nation’s sovereignty and recreate a just society, free of domination by an avaricious, corrupting, anti-Christian minority, I shall consider the sacrifice well worthwhile!

Yours sincerely,
Ian V. Macdonald

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