J. Philippe Rushton, R.I.P

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HP – obviously a black (negro) is not just a white man with a black skin but the Pol. Correct “Anti-racists” pretend to believe in “racial equality” and crucify people like Prof. Rushton who seek to expose the truth. The constant hounding probably contributed to his early death. IV

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J. Philippe Rushton, R.I.P

I have known Phil Rushton for over a quarter of a century. Citizens for Foreign Aid Reform brought out a short popularized booklet on his thoughts — What Rushton Really Said on Race, Evolution and AIDS (C-FAR BOOKS, .O. Box 332, Rexdale, ON., M9W 5L3, CANADA. $4.00)
Racial differences, Professor Rushton argued, were more than superficial, more than skin deep. They were, in fact, behavioural. At one end were Blacks with the behavioural or survival strategies of a fish — many births, promiscuous life style, casual child rearing methods (“it takes a village). At the other end, were Orientals and close to them Whites, with the survival strategy of the whale — fewer children, involved and nurturing child rearing. The races also different significantly in terms of propensity toward violence, forward planning and impulsive behaviour. In partnership with Professor Richard Lynn of the University of Northern Ireland, he undertook a comprehensive review of I.Q studies and racial and world I.Q. distributions.

The literature in over a hundred studies going back a century seemed to suggest that the average African IQ was 70! The I.Q. of Norther American Negroes is about 85; the I.Q. of North American Whites is roughly 100. If accurate, this would suggest that the average African was borderline retarded. Professor Rushton went himself to South Africa in the late 1990s to explore this data. It was accurate but he explained that 70 I.Q. is not so much borderline retarded but is more the emotional equivalent of a not very bright 12-year old, who would have basic food gathering and other survival skills but would have poor control of his emotional impulses and would be poor at planning for the future.
Needless to say, the policy implications of these findings were revolutionary. They had strong implications on immigration policy. Is it wise to import people from alien cultures with irresponsible breeding and child rearing behaviours. [One thinks of the now intractable gang problems in the heavily Caribbean public housing projects of Toronto).
Professor Rushton’s views inflamed the egalitarians and the politically correct, At one point in 1989, then Liberal Premier of Ontario David Peterson ordered an investigation as to whether Professor Rushton’s views violated Canada’s notorious “hate law.” In the end, no charges were laid, but the very fact of the investigation tarnished Professor Rushton’s public image and made him a pariah. There were several anti-Rushton protests led by far leftists at his home campus the University of Western Ontario. He took a sabbatical. In the end, Professor Rushton remained in the faculty but foundation grants allowed him to buy out his teaching duties — a typical Canadian compromise:

More than a decade ago, he told me: “We’ve won the scientific argument. Racial differences, including behaviour differences, are incontrovertible. The egalitarians have lost. However, it may take us several more decades before these ideas get popularized and out there among the general population” and, he might have added, among decision makers who remain thralls to egalitarianism and political correctness. The flat earthers still rule the policy world in North America and Europe.
We have lost a good friend and a brave and tenacious scholar.
Paul Fromm

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