Holocaust survivors today 2012

Subj: Holocaust survivors May, 2012
If Netanyahu’s recent statement that one million “Holocaust survivors” are still alive is true, then actuarially there must have been at least six million at the War’s end, a large proportion children. Netanyahoo therefore is a Holocaust Denier, big time. The German Government who pay the “pensions” have not contradicted the Israel PM’s claim. Some years ago, about 1996, the German Government threw some light on the subject by revealing that up to that year the number of individual claims for compensation from Jewish “survivors” had reached 4.6 million, all verified by a competent Jewish authority. Since this this number constituted virtually the total number of Jews available to the Germans for extermination the Six Million figure must be pure fantasy. Small wonder that there is so much obfuscation and such strenuous efforts to forestall research on the subject.

Regarding the explanation by “survivors” who escaped extermination in multiple camps, a common one is that they were classified as “essential labour” because they worked in German munitions factories and therefore exempted from gassing. This was admitted by a prominent “survivor” in Toronto some years ago. The implication is clear that they had no hesitation in helping to kill their young Gentile liberators so long as they themselves could live through the war in safety and comfort! Food for thought.

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